Start Using My Exact Dribbling Workouts I've Used For The Last 20 Years. 12 Workouts Included (Only 300 130 Copies Left)

  • This workout is broken up into 12 steps. Each step will get more difficult and builds on one another. Within 30 days you will start to notice your handles being on a whole different level.
  • This workout is for Basketball players who are looking to become the best ball handler out there. You will literally be the most feared player on the court. For those of you who don't know me, I am Grayson Boucher AKA "The Professor". At the age of 19 years old I started playing professional Basketball with the And 1 Mix Tour. That said, I was NOT just naturally given the ability to make defenders miss. I put it years and years of work and made a lot of mistakes along the way.
  • The "Super Human Dribbling" System is ALL of my hard work in ONE Simple to easy use system. This is the foundation of what you will need to get what I call "Super Human" ability on the court. Over the years, I've been fortunate to meet guys like, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Steph Curry, Jamal Crawford (and many more players) and they all have one thing in common, they can control the ball and possess great ball handling ability. That is what this system is for. Give your coaches zero option to put you on the court (at the position you want) because the fans will be chanting your name!
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What's Included with SHD Reloaded?

Each and every workout is shot in 100% 1080p HD and accessible on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Phone.  We can promise you the best clarity for each and every ankle breaking move demonstrated.  The video library will be a customized, ONE OF A KIND members area.  This won't be a cookie cutter members area that you are used to. We look forward to interacting with you in there.

I will have PDF Downloads for each and every workout so you know exactly what you are doing each and every day.  Being a professional Basketball player myself, I know all about the importance of have a calculated schedule for the most efficiency possible.  The Unguardable Game Plan allows you to be on the same exact schedule that I'm on.  Stop showing up to the court without a plan, and start doing one that will get you the best handles you can possibly have.

Bonus 1: Stationary Madness

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This is a workout that has previous sold for $49 (Last Fall) and we are giving it to you absolutely free, granted you are one of the next 1,000 members.  This is the perfect workout to do in your garage, or backyard, or even before a game to get your handles on point.  These are the exact dribbling drills I do before games and workouts to get my focus and coordination firing.

Just this dribbling workout alone is worth every penny of this launch.  So if you want to crush this summer’s workouts then be one of the next 1,000 members, because I can promise we will sell out!

Bonus 2: The Skill Set Chronicles

This bonus I bring in world famous trainer and CEO of @TwiceTheSpeed all the way from Chicago to pick my brain on some of the most crucial topics in Basketball.  This is the type of information that I wish I had when I was 14.  I’ve been playing Basketball for about 25 years.  This video series is 25 years of Basketball of my Basketball life jammed into 5 videos.

Video #1 - Court Vision

I break down exactly what is going through my head when the ball is passed to me in the backcourt.  We literally walk you down the entire court showing you exactly what you should be thinking about, as well as some moves to use in transition.  Court vision is one of the most important aspects of the game regardless of your position.  Even big guys like (Pau Gasol) possess tremendous court vision and it displays on their stat sheets.  From understanding your personal on the court, to manipulating your defender, we break it all down in this video.

Video #2 - Passing

Do you ever turn the ball over due to bad passing?  A lot of times it’s not the actual pass, it’s the decision you make before the pass.  In this video we break down the importance of passing, and the differences of your approach based on your defenders.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn my passing skills (no looks, behind the backs, etc…) then this video is exactly what you’re looking for.  There’s way more to passing than just understanding bounce passes, and chest passes.  You’ll learn: what to look for in transition, how to change speeds to throw off defenders, exactly what to do against bigs, as well as quick guys

Video #3 - Defense

No one likes to practice it despite knowing the importance.  We’ve all gotten lazy on defense and sometimes that means you get less playing time.  In this simple, yet very informative video I break down exactly how you should be playing against all types of players.  From quick guys, to big boys, to sharp shooters, I break it all down.  Sometimes when you are beat on the court it’s not because you can’t guard your man, it’s because your guarding him with the wrong approach.  After watching this video you will have an entirely new approach the next time you step on the court.  No more outside shots from sharp shooters, or getting beat of the dribble by quick guys.  I even show you one simple technique that I’ve used (5’10) against guys a whole foot taller than me.  If you are one of the first 1,000 members, this video alone is worth the price of admission because you will get MORE playing time!  And we all want that.

Video #4 - Free Throws

Have you ever been told to line up on the nail in the center of the court when shooting your free throws?  Yea, me too…In this video I will explain why I STOPPED doing that and my Free Throw % went up.  I’m a consistent 80%-90% in game free throw shooter.  In this video I break down my exact shooting technique at the line.  There is no excuse that you can’t be shooting 80%-90% at the Free Throw line, you just need to have a specific approach from the moment you are fouled.  This video will give you a bullet proof plan that you can start using immediately.

Video #5 - Shooting

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with one of the best shooting coaches in the world, (Mike Penberthy).  He won an NBA title with the Lakers, and has worked with some of the NBA’s top talent.  In this video I break down some of the methodology he taught me, as well as exactly what you should be doing to create better shots for yourself.  Getting open is more important than actually being able to shoot.  Understanding what moves, what speed, and if you should change your approach based on who’s guarding you is essential to becoming a better shooter/scorer.  You’ll also learn exactly what to do when you catch the ball and you’re wide open.  We all know how tough it is to drain a shot when you have al day to shoot.  Last but not least, you will learn how to effectively use your legs (the right way) when shooting.  Often times, youth hoopers think they are using their legs the right way, but are being counter productive.  If you are 1 of the next 1,000 members you will have immediate access to this workout.

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The Mystery Bonus (Signature Series - Black Edition) 1st Move Bonus

You will get the FIRST move off of my future program I am releasing “The Signature Series - Black Edition”.  **Note: You will get just a sneak peak inside the workout**

Along with the sneak peak of one full move off the new program,  you will be automatically put on the “pre-sell” list.  We are only letting in 500 athletes into this workout because we want it to be extremely exclusive.  You will be on the presell list meaning will have a guaranteed chance at getting this workout.  We expect it will sell out INSANELY fast because this is the creme of the crop when it comes to perfecting my moves.

So what is the Signature Series - Black Edition Program?

The black edition which will be coming out July 30 is comprised of my most sought after moves that I use in games to make defenders look silly.  These are the moves that make the crowd go nuts! You’ve seen my social media posts, and maybe even some of the #gothandles contests that I’ve run.  The moves that I break down in this FULL workout are those exact moves (step by step).  You would be SHOCKED at how much actually goes into my signature moves.  This videos are broken down in the following format.

1. Move Explanation

2. Move Breakdown

3. Drills To Perfect Each Step

4. Slow Mo Breakdown

It’s extremely important that you learn these moves in the above format.  Be the center of attention on the court.  The guy that everyone goes up to after the game and asks how you did that move, or for you to teach them.  Literally every single time I pull off one of these moves in the “Black Edition” I will be asked by at least a few people who I was playing with or against.

The value of learning this first move is worth the price of this entire launch.  It also guarantees you a chance of getting the FULL program when we launch the entire system July 30.

Unbreakable Advanced Handles

This Video Bonus supplies you with Advanced Drills to help you improve you handles even faster. These are never before seen drills that the Professor has used to advance his career!

Facebook VIP Group

You will get instant access to me, personally, on Facebook.  If you've ever wanted to ask me a question, now is the time!  You will also have access to the thousands of other Super Human Basketball members.  You may have even played against some of them!

You get 12 Separate Super Human Dribbling: RELOADED Workouts, Broken down into video and pdf format (Value of $97) , along with ALL of These Bonuses: Stationary Madness (Value of $49), The Skillset Chronicles (Value of $97), The Signature Series: Black Edition (Value of $97), Access to the Facebook VIP Group (Value of $67), and Unbreakable Advanced Handles (Value of $49), A total value of  for just a $456, for just 1 Payment of $67.

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“He’s the best ball handler I know. If you want to improve your handle, you need to get these downloads.” (Mike is an ex Laker and NBA Champion Playing for the Lakers in 2001. He also was a 10 year top division pro worldwide. These days, Mike is on the Minnesota Timberwolves coaching staff. During his coaching career he’s been a prominent shooting coach working with the likes of Dwayne Wade, Andre Iguodala, Paul George, Reggie Jackson, and more.)


“I have finished the 1st 4 workouts. Each session challenges not only my skills and coordination to improve, but also my conditioning. Each workout is only 30 minutes, but it is a world class 30 minutes, really pushing you to get better. It also is a fun way to work out. If anyone can turn me into a super human player, it is the professor, with this program. I reccomend this workout to any player who has the chance to get a copy!”